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Tax on Your Superannuation Contributions

The tax you pay on your super contributions within your superannuation fund generally depends on whether the contributions were made before or after you paid income tax.


Concessional: Before-tax super contributions

The super contributions you make before tax (concessional) are taxed at 15%.

Types of before-tax contributions include:

- employer contributions, such as compulsory employer contributions and salary sacrifice payments made to your super fund

- contributions that you are allowed as an income tax deduction

- notional taxed contributions if you are a member of a defined benefit fund.

- unfunded defined benefit contributions

- constitutionally protected funds

Non-Concessional: After-tax super contributions

The super contributions you make after tax (non-concessional) are not subject to tax.

Types of after-tax contributions include:

- contributions you or your employer make from your after-tax income

- contributions your spouse makes to your super fund

- personal contributions that are not claimed as an income tax deduction

Reference: ATO, https://www.ato.gov.au/Individuals/Super/Super-and-tax/Tax-on-contributions/

Disclaimer: The contents of this publication is general in nature and we accept no responsibility for persons acting on the information provided.

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